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Big Data analysis/ Bioinformatics

Hypothesis free studies, such as genomics and proteomics has generated a plethora of useful, complex and dificult to analyze data. While such data has tons of information, analyzing it to make biological sense is a challenging task. Bioinformatics has aided significantly in such data analysis. Some laboratories are equipped with high end equipments that can generate genomics and protemics data; however, bioinformatics analysis of such complicated and huge data sets requires a significant level of computational language and programming, which is not always available in every laboratory. Therefore, GenePrint LifeSciences has come up with packages to specifically serve such needs, where data analysis is the primary aim. If you have generated data in your laboratory, you may assign GenePrint LifeSciences the job of data analysis to answer scientific questions you want to ask. We have come up with on site data analysis as well if you provide us basic infrastructure so that your questions are answered in a more meaningful way. 


Bioinformatics support plays a critical role in clearance of data backlog due to your busy schedule in securing funds, publishing scientific data and other academic assignments, which are more directly linked to your growth.  You may assign the bioinformatics analysis to GenePrint LifeSciences and do more meaningful research. At GenePrint, we have rapid, standardized workflows in place for filtering, normalizing, alignment and statistical analysis of these large, often complex data sets. GenePrint’s leading informatics team has more than a decade of experience in NGS Data analysis, which assures you of the best quality, fast service and reliable results.


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