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Geneprint  Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a first Genomics service provider in Life sciences to establish its lab and operations is Lucknow, and offer services in Medical Genetics, Cellular Biology, Proteomics, Genomics, and Animal Biotechnology etc.

Our vision is to establish services in Cancer Genomics, Reproductive Biology and other areas of Molecular Genetics and Diagnostics, which distinguishes us from other labs in north India.

Our team of experts and advisors has gained recognition and experience in their respective fields  and comes with more than a decade of the research experience in Clinical practices as well as  laboratory research.

To meet the global standards and assured quality testing, the laboratory follows strict quality control measures and therefore, participates in external quality assurance programs as per the CAP and NABL Guidelines.

The Lab is equipped with PCR, RT PCR and all other allied contemporary equipment and have official access in collaborative mode to Illumina Microarray scanners and Next Generation sequencing platforms (Mi-Seq, Next Seq500 and a Hiseq 2500). Geneprint  is a proud and only Genomics lab in north Indian region to offer in-house High throughput applications  with high-end Bioinformatics support.

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