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GenePrint is committed to serve the mankind with the modern methods of genetic analyses for diagnostic and research purposes. In the post human genome sequencing era, we aim to utilize the opportunities to undertake DNA, RNA and protein analyses in order to develop new methods of diagnosis that can contribute to human healthcare.

For research work, we envisage to walk with you to take your project and data to the fruiting stage.

In diagnostics, we aim to not only offer the diagnostic methods using available markers, but also to undertake data/meta analysis from across the globe to develop new methods of genetic diagnosis. By participating in high quality research, we aim to serve the mankind by keeping ourselves at the edge for contribution to research and development.  

We are here to create a difference in understanding the complex diseases by a thorough research approach using state of the art techniques and offer the most advanced solutions at a very economical cost so that it can reach and be affordable to everyone.


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